‘Ace, that’s not a toy’

Trying to find Ace’s chipmunk toy, I asked him, ‘Where’s Toy?’

He ran over and stood next to a lump.

I’m not 100% but I think that’s an European Starling in Winter plumage but it could be a Common Grackle. Some birds I know well and others, not so.

Still don’t know where the chipmunk is.

Anybody have a clue on this carcass?


11 thoughts on “‘Ace, that’s not a toy’

  1. Well, it’s a toy to Ace. 🙂
    I’m guessing (without google) that it’s a grackle because I think starlings have a yellow beak. I’ll look it up later. 😀
    Ok, no, I won’t, I’ll look it up now cuz I’m more curious than I was lazy. Hahahaha.

    Ok, it looks like it IS a starling. In their winter plumage, their bills are dark, then turn yellow in spring and summer. Very interesting!

    I hope you find Ace’s chipmunk.

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