HOLY SHIT: kidney stones from SIL

Right. I know 3 people who are professional kidney stone creators. Two–unrelated–do what they’re told to do. They stil have to get them broken up to pass every 5-10 years.

SIL is Special in many ways refusal of self-care like showering or living on only milk and Diet Coke (both of which and together create more kidney stones, which she has been advised for 3 decades).

She’ll piss blood for 2 years before going in for the sonic screwdriver (breaking stones so they’ll pass).

This time, it wasn’t enough. She had surgery to remove stones from inside her kidneys. 

They went inside, broke them up and retrieved these. There are more growing on the outside, which will require later work.

Surgeon said the arrowhead shape is rare. 


13 thoughts on “HOLY SHIT: kidney stones from SIL

  1. Holy ****!! The pain!! How could someone voluntarily expose oneself to that. Must be truly a very ‘special’ person 🙂

    If only I could remember where I read how to prevent them in the first place. It was definitely a nutritional thing and would require an extremely healthy diet.


    • These are too large to pass, so they had to dig them out. If she would have gone in years ago (and done avoided the items that provide the material to make them), she could have passed smaller ones.

      It’s worth sharing so others can avoid this, if told what to do. I think why you don’t know exactly how horrible, you can wave it away.


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