I dug around some more and found more pictures! That 1st one was originally titled 1973 but it was 1974. I’m chucking that post and tossing these at you. I tried to only pick photos of myself but marked over a couple for anonymity.


Had a rough start but as you can see a combo of soya and KARO fatted me up. I’d fail again and again through infancy due to introduction of wheat. They were too stupid to diagnose Celiac at the time, so my childhood was full of hippie cures and RX supplements. I also wore braces on my legs (no photos exist, it was Shameful).  


I’ve posted this before. It’s my mammy and The Duchess. She’s trying to look motherly and the mother is making sure she doesn’t drop me on my head, reaching for her White Russian.



I wore specs by age 2. There aren’t many photos of them, it was Shameful. Brother must’ve taken it as The Duchess’ back was turned.


Roomful of family, I’m hiding in a corner…

on the phone.  –this was posted on its own in error as 1973 earlier


Regular readers will remember FS is “foster sister.” What you may not know is that I had two. OFS “original foster sister” was 2 years my senior and FS is 1 year my junior. OFS was put out at age 15. Talk about “shameful?” That ain’t on her.

80s, unsure which year. 
I wore this 50s prom dress, which I’d ripped out the crinolines and lopped off as a mini, worn with fishnets and combat boots–to school. I wore it once a week and as you can see, it’s Christmastime, so even in Midwest winters. I loved it! 

I dyed my hair black off and on in the 80s and you can see my signature “Pepe Le Pew” bleached chunk. I used facial bleach to do it cos that was more cost-effective.


Touch and go on the angle up the skirt. I’m rethinking the silver tights now…

The Reed Twins have been drinking.


I like it when you talk to me

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