Well, not really. I have never been to This Town but will go for 3 weeks’ training for my new job.

New job was very nearly under water all week. The “clientele” were sent out to sandbag since Monday.

My class is small, only 5. Of them, I’m the only oneinClassification. The others areCustody. They are also all young enough to be my KIDS!!!

Getting old is weird.

I had to do a smack down one day (very politely) as they had decided the Weird One (obviously me) was a target. It was not good-natured ribbing, which they do to each other. I allowed that shit one day, thinking they were just hyped up on sugar (they were; I would never tell on them for this but when they had an actual road trip, they “got lost” for a few hours. What they did was dick around and I know that because they forgot Mother was sitting in the back of the classroom. I want them to bond. I want them to have fun. I was young and while I PLAYED, I’d never have done that on the job but they’re not me. I would have played on the job, mind you, but not on my first week, not in training and not in astatevehicle. So!

Monday, we all go to the training I mentioned. I was planning on riding with them but after their shenanigans, I decided to drive myself. I’m some 20 miles closer and to meet them to go with, it would add 44 miles to MY trip. I’d do it if I were more part of the team but I’m not.

For a first week (which means Orientation, it’s too dangerous to have me just pop in and work, so I had to wear a personalbodyalarm), WHAT A MOFO! Fecking floods. Biblical fecking floods. Have I mentioned this 1,000 times yet? Instead of  22mi each way, it was 95mi. Upside is I didn’t die, though I did drive through water. BTW, never drive through water. It’s not the few inches that kill you, it’s that you float a little and then the current sucks you into the GIANT DEATH SPIRAL.

We hadn’t crested as of this news cast:

It’s really worth watching. Interesting stuff as long as you’re not living it. WHERE I live is worse because I live farther SW of STL. SW of STL had more rain, as in several inches more. As a region, STL was over 50ft above flood stage. You’ve probably seen glimpses of this on the net or tv but THIS IS ME, Y’ALL. Where I work is also HELLABAD because it’s LOW. I was told that it has never flooded but the Meramec was IN THE YARD.

El Rancho Reedo is across a couple of valleys. The house is atop. We have our own road and bridge to get to the county road. Our fear is always the bridge. You ain’t getting out without the bridge, not even to walk if the waters are high and powerful.

I’m hoping by Monday morning. the flooding won’t affect my drive to That Town. If it doesn’t, I should only have a little over an hour drive. Yeah, baby! If it does, I don’t even know how badly I’m going to be crying cos this is not my area.



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