Hrm…the new job offers a lot of opportunity for shall we say issues. We are all strongly advised that if we insist on social media or having any online presence, to keep it as far out of public (as in friends-only) as we can and even then, be wary of posting anything personal — let alone about work!

RealMe blog is hardly written into but has a lot of traffic. People like the reviews and such. They don’t comment. I just get lots of readers. I almost hate to pull it but its name is REALME.

I left FB in Sept 2011 but when I volunteered for a political figure, they really pushed online presence. I opened a FB account and added a few people. Shit. That was like in NOVEMBER? Maybe longer ago but not too far. Now, I’ve switched it to Friends (not Acquaintances) only and people can only Friend Request via Friends of Friends (the only other option is Everyone).

I don’t need to be on FB at all but it was easy to switch those (and edit the share setting to “limit” on older posts with one fell click.

I should have been in bed a few hours ago, so if I’m not typing in English–not even American English–sorry.

There are 2 more days to this week’s training and I can go home Friday night through Sunday afternoon. I’m sad to say, there’s some fecking immature dicking about or catting about. I’d tell it but I think it wouldn’t come out right. WTF. Assholes being assholes has at least brought our little group (this is a regional training center, so groups from all over are here together) closer. Not that we’re the best of friends but I don’t think any of us are playing with other peoples’ livelihoods. Don’t fuck with peoples’ jobs. Christ. Frigging hell. I can’t even swear right, I’m so tired.

I slept 2 hours last night. I have to get up in 6 hours, so signing off. Hope you all take no wooden nickels!


4 thoughts on “privacy

  1. Social media can be a two-edged sword – at least your workplace understands that people not thinking about what they post can have greater consequences than what was intended! Good luck figuring out how to neuter/censor yourself to an acceptable level while still staying true to yourself. More importantly, GET SOME SLEEP! We want you to feel better and get back to your proper use of swear words. 🙂

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