Test 1, test 1

It’s test day at Re-edication Camp!

Oh, lawd. I have stories but I can’t share about classmates. Not actually funny, just Drama and Bullshit.

Including me.

Next week, we’ll lose a few as their jobs are … Basically less dangerous. They’re clerical or support in other ways.

Unfortunately, they are not the problem children (of which I am).

The administrator (head honcho of the wholeacademy) came in 3 times to set us straight but that last time was a verbal bruising. “In 17 years, I’ve NEVER had this many complaints against OurDept, nor this many complaints from students.”

It was loud. It lasted over 20 minutes. Other students hate the trouble makers.

In my defense, my trouble making was justified but I still got called aside (including an apology from Honcho that communication had broken down with the hotel staff, who in a short explanation, kicked me out of the open to public pub for bringing in my food–I have Celiac Disease, friends will recall, and cannot eat food prepared “out” for contaminants).

I got a one on one tongue lashing that was about handling it myself. How am I supposed to work in a dangerous place, with dangerous people if I can’t get what I need at a hotel / pub?

Good point.

In my defense, too, I didn’t want to confront staff (at all, I’d rather dig a hole to hide in) since it’s not on my dime.

The pub owner and I talked last night and he will allow me to eat (the admin got this permission) but he was an OUTRAGEOUS DICK.


Be back next Sunday afternoon, so gotta take it in stride.


6 thoughts on “Test 1, test 1

  1. That’s ridiculous. When so clearly in the wrong for slighting a customer with a serious problem with waitstaff, even if it’s a guest of your other, paying customer, an establishment should be gushingly, over-the-top apologetic. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with that crap.


  2. Ugh! Like you don’t already hate having to deal with meal restrictions, now you’ve got to get shit from where you sleep?! I’m with Ross, they should be on the ground GROVELING for your forgiveness.


    • They were TOTAL dicks. And not just then. I’m still getting the stink eye and a level of ignoring when I’m still trying to GIVE THEM MONEY (for adult beverages).


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