Leave for a week, shit falls apart

I drove like a demon –allegedly to get home quickly. I took a different route, a more challenging drive (Ozarks has some fugged aup roller coaster back-country roads.

Not that I’m not going to kill myself one day but growing up in the Ozarks means a) a little different b) a little hardheaded c) a little unconcerned with Flatlander / Your Government “laws” d) a little accustomed to “if shit happens, we’re too far away for help anyway, may as well and a general love for rugged abandon.

Or Jeebus.

Guess which one I am.

I made a 2 hour drive 54 minutes. In the rain for half of it. 

Park. Ace runs up. I open car door. Ace jumps up in my lap and shoves his schnozzle in my armpit and runs his face on my boobs. 


All the while, Mr. Wiggle-bottom tap dancing with the back end.


He stops the armpit-chest thing and I see his eyes are ALMOST SWOLLEN CLOSED.

We head inside and The Duchess comes over. Doesn’t say hello but “You need to look at Ace’s eyes”

Yeah. I saw it. How can you miss it?

I immediately reach for the phone and ring the vet, who oddly is about 3 miles from here. She runs it out of her parent’s house.

Anyway, I explain and they will not take him til Satirday morning. 

I repeated how scary they looked. It’s heart-breaking.


The nearest vet hospital is about 55 miles away and honestly, I was woozy from only getting 2-3 hours sleep for 5 nights. I didn’t think I could or should drive that far (and back again) with the added wait time.

I gave him several doses of antihistamine just in case but it had no effect. He’s no worse this morning and I’ve checked him through the night. It’s pitiful and I know it can’t be comfortable but I can’t risk people’s lives when I’m under the influence of that little sleep. I made it through week one test and home but I know when I’ve reached the end of ability (sometimes).

In spite of the Ozarks mentality.

I reckon it’s like pink eye? There’s no matter or weeping, just swelling. I’m worried but he’s otherwise “himself.” He’s not running a temperature.

Poor Acey. And as always, Dutch and Spike couldn’t be bothered to take care of this.

This is day 3 if Dutch told the truth of when it started.

I’m sitting with him so he can touch me and know it’s okay. He will go outside but only 5 meters from the door to potty:(


9 thoughts on “Leave for a week, shit falls apart

  1. Sounds like an infection or he got into something nasty while you were away. I’m sure your vet can get him fixed up and back to chasing his tail soon. *grin*


    • Thanks. She could NOT get him to let his third eyelid open, so we’re using stronger antihistamine and antibiotic ointment. If no improvement, steroids in Monday.


    • He’s on steroids now, unfortunately, eye-pokey steroids, not oral. It’s rather a last resort. I guess I’ll have to perform a double-eye-ectomy this weekend if he’s not showing improvement. And thanks!


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