The word from back home is A is doing better on the steroids!!! I was really scared cos he had 2 walnut shells for eyes (closed) for days and didn’t respond to antibiotics or antihistamines. The steroids are helping (so I’m told). Unfortunately, they are “smoosh into each eye 3 / d” rather than oral.

I’m half done with week 2 of 3 of training camp. The upside is that I have a phone here that I can access during breaks and wifi after the day is done — unlike home, where I cannot take a phone onto the premises, nor can I access the internet (only intranet) and where the landline is dialled out by our operator and all calls are recorded. No personal calls unless emergencies.

Also, at home, I don’t have wifi or high speed internet, just gimpy data (instead of 3 towers, as most have, we’re lucky if one is in operation and that’s 1 bar out of 5).

So: YAY!!!

Tomorrow, I get learnt how to cuffpeoplecos even though that’s not my daily task, I’m told when there’s a dog-pile of people who do that, they’ll ask nonessentialstafftocuffemandstuffem. Interesting. Of course, I can’t talk about my job – I mean, what I’ve said here is totally okay but I also don’t want clients to “find me later.”

Speaking of which, I need to pull down RealMe, which is a bummer.



6 thoughts on “better

    • Thanks. The funny thing about RealMe is I hardly posted and got easily 5 times the traffic. I think it’s partially because it’s a real name and partially because it was not about a personal life–which seems incongruous but actually makes sense. Real name equals truth and not personal meanderings equals ready universality. Or not.

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      • No worries. I spent lunch break at camp, deleting everything. I made it private but there’s nothing in there but a contact page and profile pic in case I ever want to rekindle it. I’d delete the whole thing but WP won’t secure the name, so to keep RealMe? Have to leave a private placeholder.

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  1. Glad A is doing better. I’m such an internet junkie, I’d never survive in your situation. “cuffemandstuffem” is an interesting term. You know you’ll have to teach the rest of us so we can play along at home, right?


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