A, at your service

A does wonderfully as a nanny to The Duchess, though when she fell one day, his idea of “help” was lying down next her. “Nap-time!”

Typically, his help to me is absolute love and growling, snarling, barking, attack dog at others, particularly men. 

On two occasions now, when I’ve become upset, reading news (not sad but PISSED), he jumped off his bed and looked around me (circling), then pressed against me.

He seems particularly sensitive to my emotional state, which is a bit surprising after Bobby (who was special needs) was honestly just a cuddle-toy. My dog prior to B was a big, strong type. He’d leave me deer carcasses at my parking space. He, too, was sensitive but couldn’t be bothered with my temper. It was if I got sad and wanted to cry (I’d repress that–now that I’m of a certain age, I’ve become a bit of a 2-tear-weeper), he would get all bug-eyed and run. I guess he figured if it was scary enough to rattle me, he was getting the fuck out of there! A seems to hide behind my skirts–or dog-hug.

Let’s call it a dog-hug.



2 thoughts on “A, at your service

  1. I’ve never had a particularly strong connection with a dog before – which is likely why I’ve never been a “dog” person – but I envy people who have had that connection. I always tell myself that one day I’ll get a dog, and I’ll train him, and he’ll be my companion and go in the car with me and jog with me and attack bears for me. That’s not the kind of life I live NOW – but when I get a dog I’ll become much more active and dangerous 😛

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    • HAR! Yeah…I grew up with scores of working dogs, many not ours but trained / boarded here. Of course I grew up with “all” the animals on the ranch. Having a dog PET was sort of different. Each one has been a different relationship and like humans, all a little different. I wanted B ride in the car with me and it took YEARS to get him to enjoy it. With A, he was already car-trained but doesn’t love it. Also doesn’t hate it’s a conveyance to him, so I’m less into driving him.


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