The trainer who left me bruised (see previous post with 2 bruises) popped in to today’s training. I sauntered over and showed him (and today’s trainer) my arm.

“Look what you did, you Brute.”

Eyes twinkling, “I like to leave my mark when I’m finished.”

Me, :::eye roll, slight shake of head, walk away:: 




5 thoughts on “sexeh

    • Well, by my perspective (I’ve learnt over the years that I’m “overly optimistic” about EVERYTHING), they all love me.

      I’m a PAIN IN THE ARSE/ CLOWN. I interrupt with my own wrong things to say, such as hollering across the lecture hall today to a 24 yo BOY, “WHITEMORE (not his name), Don’t have sex with offenders! That’s right. I’m talking to YOU. Just cos you moved all the way across the room from me doesn’t mean I’m not watching you like a hawk, Princess!”

      That kind of PITA. I think it’s funny. He hates it. Here’s the thing: If I don’t LIKE you? I leave you the hell alone. If I do like you, I’m annoying as hell. As one of my friends used to tell me, “Mockery is the sincerest form of flattery.” I picked that up from her. So, it’s her fault?

      Nah. I was already a PITA.

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