pre-ordered Fitbit Blaze

To be released in March. I like that it’s $100 cheaper than my 2nd choice (since AW doesn’t last DAYS on a charge) because where I work, the AW might be chopped off my arm. Better to have the less-interesting model.


4 thoughts on “pre-ordered Fitbit Blaze

    • Apple Watch, I was considering the Sport model (cheaper) but the Blaze is less dear and has those 2 things that I want–though it’s not as solid and well-crafted as the AW.

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  1. did you know fitbit bracelet covers are a thing? They’re on woot right now. don’t suppose they’d work with the watch style but it was cool to learn of their existence.


    • I never knew about it til trying to decide whether I’d go for the Charge HR or new one. Amazon has loads of covers and buckle covers–some with metal ornaments! I’ll def look into a leather or faux leather replacement for the Blaze when it comes out and they invariably make knock offs! Thanks for pointing out and if you see THEM, so let me know, plz!

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