‘Appalachian Emergency Room’ our ‘Vo5’

One of my fav recurring SNL skits was AER. For one thing, it’s not funny because it’s mocking poor people. It’s funny cos it’s spot-on.

As I’ve said these 4 decades when people don’t recognize what-where I’m about-from (Ozarks Mountaineer, commonly known as an Hillbilly):

‘You know Appalachia?’


‘It’s just like that only not so posh.’

That slays the Appalachians and confuses the Flatlanders.

Any road…

While every morsel said, enacted or seen during these skits is completely believable, –to me, having seen similar if not precisely  the Parnell character Tyler (who always has something shoved completely in an oriface in his pants) came to mind today.

I was doing one of my easier duties and gabbing whilst in the Bubble for C-D Wings. –basically a secured guard aquarium, hence ‘bubble’

I was hanging with a female Sgt and a couple other occifers (one spitting tobacco in a Pepsi can cos OZARKS). We were telling shit-eating client stories when Sgt said, ‘aw, you ain’t like me! When I heard a client was in Medical awaiting release to ER for something keistered, I ran right over. You should’ve seen it! He’s shoved a bottle of V05 shampoo all the way up there and couldn’t get it out.’

The guys were laughing and shaking their heads. I said, ‘I may only see it once but I’d have to see THAT once!’

Sgt said, ‘funny thing is 2 mos later, he did it again. From then on, he was known on the hill as V05.’

So, here’s his soul mate (and a bunch of other funny stuff)!

Appalachian Emergency Room: Ferret on a Ding Dong



2 thoughts on “‘Appalachian Emergency Room’ our ‘Vo5’

  1. So, is the way that Appalachia is pronounced in the title of that video the way it’s pronounced everywhere? I’ve always heard it pronounced with a much longer “chia” at the end… Maya Rudolph is such a dream 😀

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    • Appalachia as it’s pronounced on the video is correct. Almost nobody outside of Appalachia says it that way, though, due to ignorance. Now YOU know! In the Ozarks, we call shite wrong ALL the time (like Joachim is pronounced joeACKem. Shit you not.

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