DIY: pocketbac refill

They make these lil bastards SO HARD TO OPEN that you’ll happily pay the special offer of 5 for 6USD. They’re tiny! But I had a big, honking sanitizer from the same company in one of my all time fav scents: Aromatherapy Oil Eucalyptus-Spearmint.

-alternately, Costco sells a 2L bottle of whatever brand for like 5USD. If you get one of those, you’ll end up needing a new Pocketbac container before using it all!

They make a non EO ES but I like this kind. I’m not the biggest fan of sanitizers. They’re overly-used and ridiculous in most instances.

Try this: wash your fucking hands.

Feeling fancy? Use plain soap. You don’t need “antibacterial” soap. It’s ALL fucking antibacterial.

“Americans are idiots” — that’s a direct, The Duchess, quote.

-are the new readers gone yet?

HOWEVER, sometimes you are far from water and even soap. 

I’d have taken the big, honking bottle but the clients like to use sanitizer and throw…was it salt?…inside to separate the alcohol and they drink it.

Now, that’s not the kind of alcohol you or I may choose but when you live in a high security camp and stand in the hallway wanking off in public, you’re not so choosy.

We’re only allowed the tiny bottles and can’t leave them. Pocketbacs, with their cutesy carry-alls, are perfect!

It took many implements of destruction but I finally uncorked this bastard with a teaspoon. It shot across the kitchen. Wear eye protection.

I dumped this stinky scent, which is wasteful. Normally I’m extremely frugal but once I got the top off, I wasn’t wanting to play with this for a while.

Come here, my pretties!

Et voilà! Snapping it on is easier than removing and it does make a leak-proofed seal.


6 thoughts on “DIY: pocketbac refill

  1. Cool!
    Lol. You crack me up.
    The eucalyptus spearmint sounds so nice!
    How is the job? I mean, no details, but is it worth the drive?


  2. Is that glitter sort of stuff in there with the gel/sanitizer? Someone gave me some handy little bottles to throw in my bag (on the metro) – there was glitter in them which was kind of cute.


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