Ozarks, Clan Reed: a hiking we will go

Drunk-arsed-Brother and I were drunk –feature that and #3niece wanted to take a walk. We went down the back, over the back creek and up over the next valley, then halfway down. 

We brought back prizes:

Honey locust thorns

I’d run ahead and pick up premium cow patties to fling at Brother. I kept going til that last one that looked fling-ready was only dried out on top.

I got a premium bovine femur instead and hauled it back for the hund.

Himses earses drop down when he’s feeling all cuddly. Well, plus they both were torn so the tips flip over at different angles but he lets them fall down when he’s a Baby.

In hillbilly fashion, I wore my pjs cos why change clothes when these are comfy? I did don boots. Brother said they look like German WWi boots. I told him A makes me wear them.


2 thoughts on “Ozarks, Clan Reed: a hiking we will go

  1. Looks like I didn’t comment on this last night. I love it. Those are some humongous-ass thorns, my god!!!
    And throwing cow pies. Sounds fun!
    I love Ace’s earses.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Pie throwing means something different to ranch kids. You can REALLY sail those babies! The thorns (link tells all about them) can be a foot long each. This was a baby size:)


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