caught a tetch of something

It’s 20F warmer than it has been and I’m wearing heavy pyjamas and spent almost all day passed out when not shuddering with chills.

Apart from THIS, I feel okay but for a sore throat.

Hopefully, I’m fighting it off. But DAMN! I’m heading back to bed soon. Happy it’s a 4 day weekend!


4 thoughts on “caught a tetch of something

  1. Goddam it – we can’t *both* be ill right now. Who’s going to monitor the internet!? Sounds like we have a similar dose of something. I got straight into bed when I got back from Bristol last night. Throat, head and cough got progressively worse. Staying in bed this morning and afternoon to try and shake it off…

    Hope you’re feeling TONS better very soon x


    • It’s these CHILLS I tell ya! Hoping I’m better as Drunk Arsed Brother has threatened to bring his brood of disease carrying rats (kids) when I’m feeling down. I’m using zinc lozenges which are either witchcraft, science, both or candy. I’ll take any.

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