“Dear Student Borrower”

A bit of personal history and to the kids, this is what they used to look like: typed!

Going through a file in a drawer of various documents, I found this gem, which I’m surprised that I didn’t frame.
I had academic scholarships and graduated head of class. That provided for 2/3 of my tuition. I didn’t dorm at uni but lived for very low rent with friends of family. They didn’t feed me; I had a 20″ waist. It was sweltering (above 38C / 100F) in summer and my water cup would freeze around the edges in winter.

My part-time jobs and loans (nobody co-signed, so I paid the premium 10% interest) paid for books, lab fees and the other 1/3 of tuition.

One semester, I carried 28 credit hours. To keep my scholarship, I could not drop below 18 credit hours–but I had no desire to! I wanted OUT in 4 years, as that’s as long as scholarships covered. Need a 5th year? Find the cash yourself!

Four years after receiving my undergrad, I’d paid off the $12,000 loan (with 10% interest). It’s why I didn’t get a Masters. No thanks, don’t like paying higher interest that the Mob charges.

I’m chucking this now that I found it but I recall the great relief. I don’t have wonderful things but I don’t fucking carry debt.



2 thoughts on ““Dear Student Borrower”

  1. I still have tons of student debt (from grad school; I left undergrad with only a few thousand). Earlier this week I thought of how I’d have paid off all that debt if I hadn’t had kids, but found myself okay with the much slower payment now that I have kids. I love ’em so! And I realized, too, that I’d done myself a great service by working to pay off bunches of my debt before I had Li’l D. My financial situation is much, much better for the payoff letters I did receive prior, which is why I read this post smiling. I’m still glad for each of them!

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    • I’d have felt worse for not getting the Masters if I hadn’t worked alongside or superior to those who had them. Brother has 3 degrees and works with a few post-docs…in a HARDWARE STORE. It’s a good thing, if necessary and it’s a good thing in general BUT if it puts one in debt WITHOUT cause? For potentially the rest of your life? (Like Brother & everybody I have worked with) I did he right thing! I may go back still. It depends on where I want to go within my current career. But as for now, still not necessary. They look at my previous 2 careers and count them with more points (they use a point ‘merit’ system) than degrees.

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