preliminary gulag tat sketch

Confiscated by The Man and presented to House Marm as a gift. From my light lessons in gulag gangs, the stars represent how many years he has been down (served inside). From the Arch, he’s a local boy. The many money and gambling references are that he’s a hustler-player. The bullet hole in the playing card is an attempt, perhaps, to get around the artist’s opportunity for catching a violation (no images of guns allowed to be drawn, as it glorifies and amps up the other clients — and don’t think it doesn’t.

I’m sure that there’s other meaning that I’ve missed, like the number or the items form a shape that means that. One die shows a 1 towards us, the other looks like a 1, as well. The front die shows 2 and the back 3.

Numbers usually stand for letters, like a 3 is a c and a 2 is a b but one in front of the other might mean add them or subtract–shit, could mean multiply of divide. Only the really dumb clients will tell you (cos they are sworn to secrecy by the gangs). 



2 thoughts on “preliminary gulag tat sketch

  1. Drawn by someone that’s forgotten how dice work? Opposite sides always add up to 7. You shouldn’t be able to see the 6 and 1 at the same time. The back die is showing a 6 on the top face as the 3 side has the dots diagonally.


    • Prison tats are about gangs and affiliations. The numbers they chose absolutely are symbolic–though I don’t know for what here. One of my Training Officers is a gang task force dude and he could tell you right off BUT I’m not in training anymore and don’t have his cell or I might be tempted to text and learn!


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