big time Friday

My ‘cellie’s’ last day at the gulag; we had a potluck and went to a local watering hole after that was not up to 2nd Gen American Reed Speed (I grew up going to scarier places but prefer a tetch less filthy). Let me be clear: I work in a gulag. It’s filthy and this place had me edgy. I told an occifer 1 sip into my 1st drink, ‘in 20 mins, if I start acting odd for me, I have been roofied, I’m pre-calling a 10-52.’ It tasted like chemicals.

I tweeted some pics from the bathroom. –are the new readers gone yet?

My personal highlight:

head-butting a man in the jaw

I passed around some leftover chicken hot wings from potluck that were in a Baggie as ‘Rocky Mountain Oysters.’ Hillbilly fun on the occifers!


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