GOF: did you make this meme?!?

It looks like somebody’s plagiarizing your literature but they haven’t quite gotten up to snuff.



4 thoughts on “GOF: did you make this meme?!?

  1. I’ll have to track down this imitator…..normally there are at least 100 other roo ‘friends’ hanging around in the road table drains, not just two as illustrated.
    (They congregate there because rainfall runoff from the bitumen provides more green grass than anywhere else) I refuse to drive through any roo country at night because of the collision risk. Last year friends of ours were traveling in a small Jap car to do early morning photography. Their dash cam recorded the moment of impact and some very colourful language as the front end of the car was demolished. Fortunately friends came out of it OK which is often not the case.

    Also appreciate and understand your post above about changing car headlight. I also have similar workplace heath and safety procedures in place. 🙂

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