Some of my day care playmates

Some white ones. We’ve got ’em all but the WoodPeckerWoods are old and merged into other scout groups.

Of course we have BloodsCripsandGangsterDisciples (alphabetical order). We have others, too, but the list of white dudes at the link and these  (couldn’t find an easy ‘one stop shopping’ link for the last three) represent the most prevalent.

Not everybody is in a gang but most are–at least in my 2 houses (beingoverAdSeg ups my violent clients and my regular house is pretty energetic).


2 thoughts on “Some of my day care playmates

  1. I checked that link and the phrase “14 words” is probably the worst thing I’ve ever seen on the interwebs.

    I’ve been online about 18 years and seen “Things you people would not believe”. Pierced things. Things stuck in orifices that weren’t intended to have things stuck in them. I’ve not been searching for those sort of things on purpose.


    You’re curious. You follow a link, you follow another link and all of a sudden you’re in “I need mind bleach territory”.

    I’ve visited Bulletin boards and Newsgroups and read many many offensive comments in and below the original post.

    I don’t know why, but reading that article and blythely searching “14 words” has left me horrified.


    • I think it’s pretty great that it hasn’t been a part of your lexicon. Growing up here, I mean HERE, maybe you can see how I got beaten up a lot defending others (from kids). Of course my Irish side gave me the looks and I ‘pass.’ But my mother’s side grew up in a black rural community due to Jim Crow laws. When I was a kid, when we visited them, I (and mum) had to lie on the floorboards to go through town as Coloureds weren’t allowed when the sun was down.

      They knew my mother and they knew I was her daughter, so it didn’t matter that I looked pale and redheaded.

      The hate you might hear rumbling across the Atlantic by Trump supporters is no fucking new thing and some of us grew up walking around the inside of one of his rallies–so to speak.

      THESE chuckleheads (at the gulag) are more than opportunistic haters, obviously. They are sworn and act upon it.

      I don’t get too much trouble from the white dudes cos the racial breakdown is so divisive that I think any Action might be Acted upon by others as an excuse.

      Case in point, black dude broke white dudes jaw this week in my unit. We’re still trying to learn why (it wasn’t seen–cameras everywhere but if they want to not be seen, it will happen). But our guess is white guy got busted for C violation and black guy probably thought he’s snitch to get an easier sanction.

      That’s a guess but I’m saying Shit. White dude did NOT snitch. He’s still not snitching.

      You can get into trouble in my unit (it’s considered a Predator house) easily.


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