Hillbillies know, winds

I don’t don’t mean The Wind, in which I believe everybody’s well-versed!

It occurred to me this afternoon (sustained winds of approximately 30mph) whilst listening that perhaps not everybody can easily discern wind in pines, wind in cedars and wind in hardwoods (winter v summer).

We can and it’s something we listen for in knowing the valleys, what grows there and locating say an animal we can also hear or knowing from which direction it’s blowing in the dark–so long as we have that general sense of what trees we passed on our way through a place, even if we’re not super aware of compass directions.

Special note: it’s bollocks that moss always grows on the north side of a tree. It can but I tell you, I tested this scientifically for years in multiple locations as a kid.


I like it when you talk to me

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