improve opportunities, Chalene Johnson

Her podcast goes all over the place in theme apart from all of it’s meant to help people better themselves whether it’s typical development or specifically for entrepreneurs. I always tell people to just hit fwd-skip a few times if you’re not picking up what she’s laying down or skip entire episodes (cos she will change topics).

This is one of her more focused episodes.

There are no ads apart from her own ‘academy’ classes–hit fwd-skip 2-3 times and you’re past it.

Or sign up. I’m all about the free.

I’m also not an entrepreneur but I’ve followed her coaching in this or that for years, like mid-90s years.

She’s legit.

She’s also apt to be flipping hilarious when not on topic, of which I approve! People with a good sense of self do that.

I liked this episode although I’m a pretty well-liked broad. People are very forgiving 😀


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