Acey’s temperament and voice

Being a GERMAN shepherd, he has a German accent. As for temperament and ‘voice’ (like how a character is written, not his actual vox), he is echoed here:

Peter Sellers’ role as Dr. Strangelove–particularly note how he fights against the ‘former’ Nazi part of himself (anthropomorphised by a Nazi Arm).

This is Acey.

-if you’ve never seen Dr. Strangelove, get over yourself and watch it. You don’t need to be of an age to enjoy the ridiculousness and if you are, it’s all the better for its parodiacal (fair-certain that’s not English) humour! 

99% approval means even if you hate it, it’s a classic


9 thoughts on “Acey’s temperament and voice

  1. Thanks for reminding me of the film. I need to watch that again sometime soon mein Fuhrer. Er Mr President. It’s also reminded me I went through a phase when a computer was ‘A compuder’.

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    • That film got I’m guessing a 35 year break between. I.e. wing for me! It was often watched (as we’re all Sellers’ films) as a kid. Then I set it aside so long, I knew that I had to watch it and I was almost shocked how much more (obviously) I got out of it as an adult. It’s not shocking to get more but I didn’t realise how much I’d missed is what I mean.


  2. This is one of my favourite things ever:
    I’ll be standing outside work smoking and someone will come out for a ciggy and say
    “Have you got a light?”
    I’ll say
    Then do nothing. They’ll look confused. Then I say.
    “I answered your question. I’ve got a light. Did you mean can I have a light off you?”
    I’m surprised I haven’t been punched more often 🙂

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