Amazingly, I hadn’t posted about my Fitbit Blaze! I pre-ordered it in December or January, can’t recall as I had a lot going on then. It was due to ship March–I believe.

A little history of my relationship with Fitbit:

I want to believe poster x filesI have owned 6 before now. Two were out-right LOST by self. One still works and for some crazy reason (by the way, it’s a Fitbit One), nobody wants it as hand-me-down. Folk either already have a body metric gadget they own and love (I understand) or — and this is important — people are resistant to the Truth.


-are the new readers gone yet?

I thought about getting pics of my Fitbits-Past but I recalled that only 3 people read this blog and I’m fair-certain they know what they looked like.

I’ll just say my first was an Ultra, which I lost one of but the others all BROKE. -and were replaced–every last one of them–by Fitbit at no additional cost because at that time, they were a new company and knew they were striving for upgraded software and hardware; they knew it wasn’t perfect and appreciated basically beta testers  –I did buy that 1st one

Then I got the One and promptly lost it. I mean like the 1st day out. The clip worked differently from the models I’d used before. THEN the clip (after erm, an amount of time? Like a year? Maybe? Could be?) let’s call it ‘acted funny’ and I feared for the survival of the One-Two (as I lovingly called Her). They sent me a new clip — this time requiring photos of the … funniness.

I gave serious though to an Apple Watch. I’m a cross-platform user but Apple’s what I chose to purchase STOCK in some years ago. Always a good plan to support your own future.

Two things decided against it:

1) Apple Watch has to be charged daily, at night and a) daily is BS and b) I’m accustomed to years of sleep metrics since sleep is a real issue for me and my auto-immune diseases

2) It’s a Smart Watch. My current job doesn’t allow them

Decided for me!

As bonus it’s cheaper, charge lasts 5 days and continues my sleep metrics. People at work regularly ask if it’s a Smart Watch. -custody, of course, for the ‘welfare and safety of the institution’ and theinmates, who would slit my throat for it, if it were I’m more than happy to show them it is not.

It does notify texts (which can be read or dismissed) and phone calls (with caller ID), mind you, but that requires bluetooth connexion to the phone it’s linked to and bluetooth requires some sort of proximity. I’m 3/4 of a mile from my phone at work. The phone is kept in a locked car, protected by a gun tower. Technically we have 5 but there are 2 close and one very close.

It also allows for pausing, starting and skipping around my music that’s playing via bluetooth — but that’s with the phone within perhaps 30 feet. I’m not sure of the distance but I can say I keep my phone lying wherever at home and I’ll practically leap when the silent alarm goes off for a notification because I’ve forgotten it can do that. You’d think that I’d be used to it but my prime hours for notifications are… when the phone is 3/4 of a mile away! -therefore Mr. Bluetooth doesn’t work

Okay, here’s the short of Fitbit Blaze: You should buy one if you already have a Fitbit and LOVE what it does. It does all of that stuff and more, like constant HR monitoring, 3 on-board workouts and the notifications and music controls mentioned previously.

You will constantly have to say, ‘No, it’s not an Apple Watch,’ though.

I got the black rubber band it’s that’s fine. I wanted the leather but didn’t want to lay down the cash. I was looking at and saw there are some accessories from 3rd parties now. I was going to get my coveted leather band when I saw these Milanese link ones (in silver), which looked snazzy to me. I clicked on it and saw ‘rose gold,’ which to me looks like what makes rose gold rose: copper. I liked it! I reckon its finish is going to turn my arm green sooner than later but I really do like it! I can always go back and get the leather.

third party made blaze metal band in rose goldI got one with the frame (thing you snap the face into for extremely easy, quick changes) and am glad that I did as it matches. Otherwise I’d have had to put the copper coloured bracelet band onto a silver frame, which may have been fine but ya know.

The photo of the connector shows a water smudge. Sorry. It’s a brushed-finish that normally doesn’t show marks but if you streak it with water, the wetness appears. So far, no green arm! 🙂





6 thoughts on “Blaze

  1. Doug says:

    I loved my Fitbit one until I washed it in the washing machine. Twice. After that it didn’t work so good.


  2. Looks awesome! Love that it notifies SMS and emails – takes it up a notch without getting out of control. Would seriously consider if I didn’t have an unhealthy obsession with my Pebble Round 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have loved the metrics from all of the Fitbits but this is handy if I have the phone in a pocket out for a jog or walk to skip ahead. I can also read the texts–forgot to mention that!


  3. I was looking at the blaze but went with the Alta because I prefer something small. So far I love it! Solves the ripping band issue, and losing the device issue with the Flex, does have the notifications from the phone if you want them, but does not have heart rate. I decided I don’t care about HR, I have a real HR monitor if I feel I need that, and I haven’t used it in quite some time. It’s not relevant to me at this point. Glad you are loving it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have a great chest-strap HRM, too. This is pretty amazing and I even use onboard workouts for warmup but mostly I NEED a large screen! I can’t see smaller ones. Even the Charge was far too small for me to see with glasses. Glad you love yours!


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