never too late?


I started training for the Special Olympics Torch Run in March. My 2nd week fell on St. Patrick’s Day (that is the weekly group hobble), so I missed that. OBVI

A month in my ‘good’ foot –a constant joke as both knees are bad but the 1st to go bad is called my Bad Knee where the other, just as bad if not worse is still called my Good Knee since over 30 years ago, it was the good ‘un. My feet have both had 5-6 surgeries a piece. The 1st at aged 9. You’d think it would be my Bad Foot but as I grew older, it caused less trouble, earning it Good Foot status. ::sigh:: 

Well, my Good Foot started giving me the gyp so bad I couldn’t walk let alone jog. Fucker.

I stopped training after a week’s rest did no good but I dedicated myself instead to eating more with that free time. Shit.

The LETR is 18 May.

Instead of 5 miles, I’m promising 1 –and hoping like hell the feet allow this, knees and spine, too; years ago Surgeons told me to never jog for fitness with my conditions. and to help erm…prepare? I’m going to do a 30 minute circuit training wo each day (that’s the plan, Stan) til the 18th.

I reckon for general conditioning, it has to be good…better than naught!


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