rose gold iPhone 6s upgrade

I had the silver 6, same capacity. The advances in this model were debatable in my mind, as it was upgrade now for ‘free’ (over $100 in BS charges) or keep paying on the 6 for 6 months to own outright.

Last phone, I upgraded but all the others since 2007 were bought and paid for, then passed along to family members. That was lovely of me but perhaps not quite as well-cared for as I would do.

My phones are pristine after even 2 years.

When I go in to upgrade, they marvel.

That comes from poverty. When you grow up rarely getting anything you’d want, let alone like and it’s always as hand-me-down… If you break, accidentally bleach or otherwise damage it?

You don’t get any replacement. If it’s shoes, you put stuff paper in the bottom. If it’s a torn shoelace, you wear unmatched laces. You NEVER throw out mismatched anything as that ‘spare’ will have to bloody well do in future.

where was I!

I stopped passing them along, so I’m happy to get new sooner and not see things abused.


I like it. I am just starting to use the 3D Touch features which are surprisingly helpful. I thought them a gimmick but they do save spare seconds, which I suppose add up.


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