Anti-gay bigotry, a family memory

I’ve got all kinds of family members (more than the norm). Many religions for one and various races in there, too.

Like all families, some members are gay, while others are not.

I had a cousin who died of AIDS.

If you watch Dallas Buyers Club, those things tracked just a tad after his illness and death timeline.

There’s a scene where McConaughey is on the phone and a calendar is behind him. We had to pause the movie because I broke down. That’s when my cousin died.


My point is that I was told some news today about my cousin’s brother. Yes, that makes him my cousin but I’ve chosen to not think of him as ‘my’ anything since before my cousin’s death.

Cousin’s-brother -are you following? is now in hospital after a massive stroke. They don’t know if he’ll ever make it out of hospital.

So now this prick–the point being, he’s a bigot, including against his own brother, who died–is now facing death.

Everybody dies.

His Leadership over his family (very Patriarchal, he told even his mother what she could do, which is normal the way I was raised, like it was the mid-1800s) meant when he cut off his brother, dying of AIDS, that man declined painfully and heartbreakingly alone.

This prick? Family rallies around.

I have not forgotten and apparently not forgiven. -see no need, really

I could quote the things he said to my cousin here but I don’t care to do as I’m already shaking, just remembering. 

I don’t care to drive to STL to remind him of what he said and he wouldn’t care anyway. It wouldn’t be the same even if I did, as he’s not alone.

While I was raised to not think I’m better than other groups of society, this man’s words helped shape me into the raging bitch I am concerning bigots.

Your brother was gay and a good man, who forgave you.

Your youngest cousin isn’t gay and doesn’t give a shit. I only wish you would reap what you’ve sown. I don’t forgive you but I do recognise that you played a part in making me who I am today.

So, thanks, Glenn, you fucking prick.


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