aujourd ‘hui, maman est morte

Another hit Friday night at El Rancho Reedo.

The Duchess took a trip up to town in an ambulance.

They kept her there til 02:00 and then released.

Spike took her to the pharmacy for steroids and I went to the all-night grocery.

She made it 5 minutes into the house and fell out.

Spike heard her ((I was on my way back…had phone in handbag and didn’t pick up the 6 or so Sheriff’s Office calls til I hit the ranch road) and started CPR.

I came in 20″ layer and attempted CPR for about 90 seconds. I knew she was gone but her body was warm and while I know lividity was apparent, I couldnt help but do it.

I’m writing this, waiting on drunk assed brother to get here. 

At this moment, I’ve been awake 23.5 hours.

I’ll be up a lot longer.


15 thoughts on “aujourd ‘hui, maman est morte

  1. Oh, Lily, my condolences!
    I hope Brother will shoulder an equal share of the burden and not leave everything to you in looking after Spike.


  2. Condolences and thoughts from both of us here too MT….we’re so sorry for your loss, and please give Ace an extra hug from us.


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