talk about different responses 

Gary’s to hearing The Duchess died yesterday–on yesterday:


The cut-off text was more kvetching about the pedicure.

Let me clarify: to say nothing would be odd but acceptable.

To reply I’m less than 5 minutes about a shity pedi?

She totally DGAF to bother to even say anything–mind you, it was a text but a personal notice.

I’m rethinking our relationship as friends.

I get people react differently ways but her parents are living, so IP t wasn’t so horrible that she had to ignore.

I know: whatever. Still.


11 thoughts on “talk about different responses 

  1. Good grief. I wonder if she even read what you texted. She was probably texting her own bitching so fast she never even saw yours. 😦


    • Possible dead. He’s still asleep and I won’t wake him. He’s usually up earlier or the same time as I. Bro will bring the nieces-3 today. He didn’t tell them yesterday.

      OH! I just heard him. Well, alive then.

      He’s a mess. I mean, only my brother cried cos we’re weirdos but his voice was raspy, he ate o my a boiled egg to take his meds (and beer OBVI).

      They were truly a wonderful couple, if criminally horrible parents.


    • And Ace is behaving oddly, I don’t think he understands she’s dead, just gone. I took him to watch them talking her body bag out but it was a body bag, meant for ya know a PURPOSE.

      I think he just knows about the ambulance.


  2. I’m sorry someone you considered a friend for years was so caught up in her tragic pedicure to show you compassion. I don’t know why I am still disappointed in people. Perhaps because I expect better from people, at least hoping they’ll be half as courteous as I am.
    I’m keeping you in my good thoughts.


    • Thank you. She tends to freak out about ANYTHING and I’m thinking this proves she’s a drama queen and my issue bounced right off of her, subconsciously. No defense! Just saying I think I understand her better now.


    • And again, she’s in a group of IRL friends. The others will have mentioned and she could have came back later just playing it cool with a condolences but I’ve heard SHITE. So, it can’t be about anybody else, I suppose.


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