teaching an old man to live, part 002

This doesn’t even count the little things but the next big one was mopping.

He did pretty well on dark clothes washing today.

And another with that: I told him to forcibly shake out a shirt before putting on a hanger to dry.

It was like watching a Lady wave a handkerchief in the air.

I took it from him and ‘snapped’ the wet fabric in the air.


Then — for style — I showed him the quick-brush-smoothing technique to further pre-remove wrinkles.

Even a toddler knows this from watching but Spike never thought it would matter to him, so he didn’t bother observing.

I finally finished unfucking the bulletin board. This box is stuff to burn.

Not looking forward to active (or ARE they?!?) stacks of bills / house business stuff, let alone the 4 file cabinets (not 4 drawers, 4 cabinets). I did go through one drawer of easy stuff. Go, me!


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