Ace’s mourning

This is him now. I mean not this second, which it is, but since the morning she ‘went away.’

Hard to tell but this her knit cap under his front paws and head. I know I took an earlier shot bit THIS IS WHAT HE DOES all the time.

MooCow is off to the side.

I’ve saved back the towel and lap blanket I used to cover her corpse so Spike and Bro wouldn’t see her body. I’ll give them to him if he needs it. Mornings are the worst for Ace, reckon cos that’s when he tended her, tending her gardens.

I just looked and he has moved his head over and you can see the hat better.

Feeling sorry for Ace breaks my heart more than anybody else.


5 thoughts on “Ace’s mourning

  1. It gives me comfort, though, that they know that the energy that was the Duchess has left the building. It makes me believe that dogs (and everything else) are so aware of the connections between us all.
    It’s sad that he’s missing her, but it’s kind of neat that they had that connection.
    I don’t know if I’m making any sense. 😛


    • It does make sense. I’m glad that he loved her, which was evident every day they were together.

      It was a better relationship with her than I had but she did too much damage in life to her children to be adored; she was lucky that we even accepted her without paying for her crimes, let alone ever apologising.

      That doesn’t make for a clean mourning, either, but I lost my ‘mother’ when my mammy died 17 years ago. That was ugly but pure.


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