teaching an old man to live, part 003

Feeling a bit nervous about this.

I was always instructed by The Duckess that upon her death:

  1. Empty everything in her underpants drawer 
  2. Take control of the checkbook / finances

Thing is, Spike wants to do some. By that, I mean he has no qualms about my ‘handling’ it but if he deposits his monthly income, he wants to write it down .

This is a good thing, generally speaking. When you have an old man who doesn’t know what day it is, can only work the TV on ‘his station’s (he has a cheat sheet) and can’t figure out things like how to PAY A BILL BY CHECK?

I mean, he can write a check. He doesn’t understand the concept of account numbers, where to find the payment slip (cunningly on the bottom of the 1st page), etc.

And I’m not 100% sure he can do the running balance?

That’s why I’m nervous. And let me assure you, this man did CRYPTOGRAPHY for the military and his outside job was 3D design when you did that shit manually.

He’s fucking old, innit?

That’s what I’m saying. I reckon it’ll all be okay anyway.

He’s not happy that I have, upon more than one occasion, given him tips on how con artists try to get money from a grieving family. We had our first attempt the day she died. I guess people monitor the police radios. 

At any rate, he’s in the books.


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