Who knew she was a debbil worshipper?

All The Duchess’ OES regalia goes to me OBVI.

I am, in facr, OES, so it’s not a big deal–or is, depending on your perspective.

Pents have always hung about our collective homes. Some hidden, some disguised, some from the Old Gods and others, the New.

This is the new shit.

Dutch had marked this page.

Book of Rites


2 thoughts on “Who knew she was a debbil worshipper?

  1. Ha. I had to look up OES and found out it’s a Masonic thing for women. I went out with a lass who’s dad was a Mason. He was in a few lodges because he played the organ and they all needed an organist for their Secret Rites, and he was the only one around. From what I saw he was a decent person and. The ‘Secret Masters of The World’ thing is bollocks.

    What I did see was that he was a nice bloke and being in The Masons gave him a social life (he was a divorcee) with a group of other fellows, that got together for a bit of a drink and do some charitable work.


    • I’m OES and you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting Masons in my family–Spike’s (pre-purchased/ co-owned) headstone with Mum has his Masonic of Scottish Rites emblem.

      Basically it involves a great deal of tea and charity work.


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