the good kind of crazy 

As a certain friend always introduced me, years ago, ‘She’s crazy!!!! –But the GOOD kind!’

I walked up to another housingunit to see their new puppies (yes! They save pitbulls!). I had already asked their equivalent of me if it would be okay (they always say yes, as they want the dogs adopted).

I walked in–that building also houses the head of theparoleofficers–and the big wig asked if she could help me. It’s a big place, you don’t know everybody and I looked like Somebody, I suppose.

‘Greetings. I am Reedof the HouseOfThree.’

Without missing a BEAT, this 60yo gal said, ‘Welcome Reed of the HouseofThree. I am Leah of the HouseofFour.’

What’s even funnier is we both didn’t laugh or anything, just carried on.

I love this job. Most people there are the good kind of crazy.


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