doing my JOB RIGHT!

I made it past the probationary period! W00t! I’m Official!

Only 2.5 weeks later, a client is filing a grievance against me.

This is a Rite of Passage in that they do this ALL the time, have nothing but time and the vast majority –but guess 99%–are frivolous.


He’s putting paper on me for not giving him photocopies of gov documents–not HIS but mine. It’s totally ridiculous, totally unnecessary and nothing he needs.

It’s to see if he can spook me, piss me off or shake me down.

He’s Old Head Penitentiary but not in a pro way, more institutional. Most old heads are beyond this.

I’m not taking it personally. Truly. This dude puts paper any chance he gets. Other clients won’t cell with him. Me? Not spooked, not angry, not worried. He’s just the 1st, which shows I’m doing things right.


2 thoughts on “doing my JOB RIGHT!

  1. Congrats! That’s something good anyway, all past probation, yay!
    Ha, it’s like being a parent, if your teenager hates you, you might be doing it right. Lol

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