Evening glamour

At least in summer…

Captain America boxers, School House Rock Tee, ragged silk pillowslip used to calm my hair.

🎥 I’m Just a Bill (Schoolhouse Rock!) – YouTube 


4 thoughts on “Evening glamour

  1. A similar thing has been happening here because of the heat. Although I don’t have enough hair to require calming and there will be no pictures as I’m not a pretty sight in just my pants.


    • I had been slicking my hair back daily and one day just let it curl–no attempt to dissuade it but for drying the front tightly against my head. Everybody at work loves it, so I rocked that the last 2 weeks. Well, ‘everybody’ means everybody who COMMENTED. I do get hilarious feedback from male coworkers like, ‘Ms. Reed, your hair is really uncontrolled today.’

      That’s when La Jewfro is in full effect.

      I’ve also gotten, ‘you just have up today.’

      Pretty funny! I am thick skinned and give PROBABLY harder than I get, so it’s okay.

      I’m supposed to get a female coworker late August and I’m almost nervous. I prefer working with men. She’s straight out of the military so I think she should be alright. We’ll see!


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