so in love with Snapchat! IG is, too…

Funny story: IG offered a bazillion dollars to buy snap to buy their ‘Stories’ tech but they were turned down, so…IG has a dupe they have been rolling out called: Stories.


The main diff is you can comment on Stories on IG where you can’t on snap and this IS an improvement. You can always send a chat (DM text or video chat with your contact) but it’s not ‘conmected’ to the story. No biggie just seems logical to be able to do it.

I think why snap didn’t do it is because Stories disappear after 24 hours (you can play them twice, I believe). A DM or video message would zing directly and your contact could keep up that Convo.

Anyhoo …

IG is run amok with brands. 

Snap is more personal but I’m hitting it hard for content from Mashable, etc. And friends.

It also has silly live effects, which amuse me more than you’d think. You can save but that’s a step I haven’t bothered with apart from a test.

I’ve always set my Twitter to self-destruct after 2 weeks. I like Stories for this aetherial quality. It’s a share but not thinking you’re some kind of Rembrandt of social media–which I have never needed. You can save but I like that it’s not the default. I’m there for the fun!


I like it when you talk to me

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