‘That’s Racist’

Sitting next to my office mate who had a client with him, we were talking about something related to catching dumb violations.

I believe it was the client who said something about tattoos and I said, ‘Yeah, it’s always the little white dudes who get caught doing that.’

My coworker looked at me in surprise and horror. ‘Ms. Reed! That’s racist!’ It embarrassed me so I ended up doing the fish out of water mouth thing and ended with  ‘Well, it’s true.’

I looked at the client who had been watching us and he leaned over and laughed out loud,  nodding. ‘It IS true.’

I can’t help it that little white dudes are A) always doing prison tats B) always getting CAUGHT doing prison tats or C) nobody notices non-whites doing the above.


2 thoughts on “‘That’s Racist’

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