‘Ol’ girl’

The short story on this (longer version is funny but without divulging too much info about the inner goings at the gulag…) is some of the offenders refer to me as:

As well they should. I run that muthafucka.

One morning this week. I was greeted by close-ups of a lady’s ‘front bottom.’ She had come to visit and brought illicit pics to show her boyfriend…sitting next to families with small children. They were confiscated and scanned as evidence. The offender was locked down (‘the hole’) pending investigation and the lady in question is suspended from visiting for 6 months. That was the start of Monday. It’s always something hilarious. Dude was grinning as they escorted him out in shackles, so don’t feel too bad for him.

Ladies: if you think your nasty-assed photos EVER get to the offenders, they don’t. We always catch you and part of procedure is a minimum of 11 people see you. 

Let’s just say your photos did get in…every freak and I mean sexual predators are beating off to you. Your man cannot hide them from them. These rapists know who you are.

You’re welcome.

Oh, and you are an idiot to send pics of your kids unless they’re in burkas and named the wrong names. 

My house does have child molesters but only those guilty of a lot more (not to say molestaion is a ‘lesser crime;’ everybody knows it’s the worst). The chi-mos are mostly kept to themselves as they fee constant fear of maiming and death by other inmates. Point is, if it’s a house of any kind of predator, don’t let them at your kids or you.

I hear things. 

But normally, shite’s crazy-silly. I laugh my arse off daily, several times.

It’s something I’d love to share more but ethically can’t.


I like it when you talk to me

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