not for nothing 

I think street police officers ought to serve at prisons, particularly a medium-high.

Or do 6 months at 2 levels.

They’ll learn how to deal with big, scary dudes.

They’ll learn how to deal with little sneaky bastards.

They’ll get lots of practice hearing complaints and I mean LOTS.

Sure, they’ll be even less trusting coming out but they’ll also have hands-on skills.

Without guns.

I’m pro-gun ownership, as Hillbillies it’s a part of life and I mean eating. I’m not against it for protection, though I think most people who weren’t raised from toddlerhood will end up more like Barney Fife.

My office mate got sprayed directly in the eye from 8 inches away by a new officer. When I say new, she is far past OJT but under a year.

Shit went down, as it does. We had an assault approximately 50 feet from me (through 2 sets of doors).

My mate is ex-cop, ex-military and current CERT.

He bolted towards the issue. He got ‘friendly fire’ because that officer was green.

Green at firing the OC. OC is weapons-grade pepper spray, we’re told 77x stronger than commercial. I carry it on my tactical belt, too. I’m certified as this officer was.

That doesn’t mean we’ve had to use it in a scary situation.

I’ve had mine out, safety off and finger on trigger, dreading if I had to use it because it’s SO strong everybody within many mètres is collateral damage. You don’t have to get hit to fuck you up.

It’s meant to never be deployed under 1 mètre. Again, he got hit less than 8 inches directly into his face (eye).


He’s okay. Thank goodness he doesn’t wear contacts as it will melt the plastic.

Anyway, with all the violence, I don’t think you have to be under 1 year to make that mistake when TENSE. You’re surrounded by at least 32 big bads. On the street, you don’t know if somebody is but you had better assume they’re capable. That’s the fact.

So, it’s on us to do better but I don’t think any training or years preps you for when you are in crunch time.

But having a helluva lot of bad dudes surrounding you for a year may help you with that pressure.


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