Postcards, not! Bday cards

Thanks to Sheila! The fun,  rightmost card.

To the left is a scrap of notepaper sent by one of our family friends, now about 90yo and for some years in an old folks’ home–a very nice one but they’re all shite once you get to the point of supervision and become nonambulatory.

It reminded me that a few years ago she had told my mother that she hated not being able to send spectacular (my insertion) greeting cards anymore as her son and DIL wouldn’t come to take her shopping. She was still ‘with it’s then.

I had asked The Duchess why didn’t she do it and she didn’t really have an answer. I think the truth is it would have been a big commitment.

Anyway…upon seeing Lorraine’s note, ibrecalled that Convo and realised at this point, she doesn’t even have cards, not even blank notes. For a Premiere Card-sender, what a drag!!!

I dug out Dutch’s selection of greeting cards –when you live a 2 hr drive from shopping areas and farther from ‘a mall,’ you keep shite onhand and placed them in a grocery bag with some Hallowe’en candy.

I made Spike (rather an amusing tale) go with me.

Lorraine didn’t recognise me but she did Spike. I had to use the Reed charm to convince her that I didn’t need the cards. She kept trying to pick out a few so I could keep the rest. I have no intention of using somebody else’s cards (which I had gone through to be sure) when I can get my own and Lorraine cannot!

We stayed about 30 minutes, which was enough for her to ask how I was doing 4 times and for me to repeat the same things. I got to hold her hand and stroke her shoulder, which was nice.

Spike hated the whole thing but he’s never been much for Caregiving.

Oh! HILARITY: they made Spike where a LARGE ‘visotor’ placard.

I suppose he looks like an inmate! 


2 thoughts on “Postcards, not! Bday cards

  1. Happy birthday from us MT, but please keep off that roller coaster…looks like it wouldn’t contribute to a long life. I’m sure Lorraine greatly appreciated your visit. I sorta understand Spike’s reaction…’s not that us blokes don’t care, it’s just that we’ve never been given the skills that women have to comfortably show compassion to the bereaved, sick or elderly. Perhaps if we had been educated at school in life skills we would be better at it.


    • Spike doesn’t care but I get what you’re saying about most men.

      Lorraine was happy for a visit, even though she didn’t remember me. When I do charity work on dementia wards, I don’t know them and I don’t mind that even if they enjoy my time, they won’t recall.

      It’s not a out me:)

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