It’s important to point out Brother made a real effort at coming all the way here for my bday, what-with DeadMum and Spike who doesn’t give a crap and all my friends living as far away as Brother (or farther).

I got 4 cards, a balloon and a group song, which was nice!

I’m uses to a bit more festivities (my own planning but I’m the Planner / Caregiver) but I didn’t plan anything, so there’s that. I’ve been literally distant (as I no longer even work in a populated area) and didn’t feel like expending my energy to create something. Thanksgiving and Christmas as Matriarch are painful enough at 44-45.


2 thoughts on “45

  1. Love the card! My oldest son did exactly the same thing for my youngest son….he got a Happy 3rd birthday card and added the zero!
    Happy Birthday! You’re 15 years younger than I am!
    I wish we all had transporters so we could all pop in and visit each other. Here’s a virtual hug!!!

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