‘I’ll use me magic words, Sharion’

That’s pronounced ‘SHARN’.

And it’s not part of the text but is part of my childhood…

pulleybone, a part of Ozarks charms


2 thoughts on “‘I’ll use me magic words, Sharion’

  1. We call it a wishbone here. When you’ve eaten a chicken you keep the wishbone and let it dry out. Once it’s dry two people grip one of the Legs? Arms? Branches? Each of the bone by wrapping their little finger around it. Both people pull and make a wish. The person who gets the biggest part (The bone tends to break so that the top bit ends up on one side or the other) has their wish granted.

    Well, that’s what my Mum and Dad told us as a kids.

    My Nan also told us that the key from a corned beef can was a key to wind up the moon.

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    • Oh, Nan!

      Wishes are made, too, but by gripping the sides of the breastbone and pulling UNDER THE TABLE. Same deal with bigger end wins the wish.

      I like that it’s still a magical object to keep around – just in case breaking of hexes is needed or running off the debbil.

      We don’t wash or dry off the bone, just grab the mofo under the table if it’s used for the ‘game.’


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