Work Xmas Party 2016

I arrived after supper, which was my plan since I didn’t want to field questions about why I wasn’t eating for what I’d paid a ticket!

There was a cash bar (I hanged out a while before my 1st as this isgov and nobody at my table was imbibing). I got one & downed that before they started the door prizes and party games, which were intermittent but 100% loud.

Our PO bought me a 2nd. -I told him there was something wrong with my 1st and showed it to him. Diagnosis: empty

I laughed my arse off (just 1 drink; genuinely hysterical, the games) and had a great time. Later, I got my last drinkie-poo and the dancing began, which was also funny as hell from the pretty gal trying to shake her thing to the creeper trying to have sex with her on the floor to the husband of a retired lieutenant having amazing moves with perhaps the youngest girl there (a CO’s gf). I mean, this guy had to be something when he was younger cos I couldn’t do those moves in my 30s and he’s in his 60s. Good on yer!

Also, a CO I know kept attempting (good on HIM) to do these modern dances. The DJ was out helping him and it was FAB. Later, he came up to me and said, ‘this is killing my arthritis.’ 😀

One of the party games was a scavenger hunt / musical chairs. They only had maybe 1 minute to get items which were purposefully hidden (we didn’t know this ahead of time) throughout the evening.

This was one of the easiest items (take a selfie with a Xmas tree) but they had to use somebody else’s phone and you can see the look of concentration and being out of breath on 2 of my closest work friends. The girl’s face (she used my phone) is particularly horrified as she realizes she has no idea how to operate an iPhone.

She won the whole thing, btw! I was out at round 2.

They also had rapid-fire marshmallow toss (catch in mouth) & the funniest part of this is these are 2 of the least likely to get in front of people-people EVER. For one, when you volunteer, you have no idea what the game will be. This doesn’t seem hard but there were hundreds of marshmallows on the dance floor. HUNDREDS.

‘Sell on the yard’ is a prisonism where inmates literally sell whatever to other inmates. It could be a honeybun, weapon, sex or PIN#s. It’s often other people’s …above.

Me offering advice:

Good times!


One thought on “Work Xmas Party 2016

  1. I always hear about great office parties – but I just assumed it was a private sector thing (I don’t work for the government – per se – but we’re considered a public company). Now I realize my work is just dull!!!


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