WP has not been sending notifications :(

I have been ignoring you but not by choice. Poop.

I signed in from my mobile BROWSER rather than the app (which I realise is basically a mobile browser but apparently not just a skin) and saw that I had several. Also, the site was so glitchy, I couldn’t do ANYTHING. Anything.

This is not good. I left Vox in 2008 for free WP because of continued and odd glitches which reminded me of TWO other blog services which had gone defunct. Sure enough, Vox closed up shop not super-long after.

WP is massive. I cannot imagine that they are going to close up shop but it makes me wonder if the free version is not getting attention, which is bad. I don’t care to ‘work’ at my silliness.

Anyhoo, maybe it’s just some stuff that has been put to the side whilst they work on more important things and it will get tidied up later.


I like it when you talk to me

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