Postcards, Stratford upon Promotion 

From Vox Laurie! Thanks, doll! She’s enjoying her summer up in the Great White North.

This week, in addition to 2 baby showers I hosted, there’s Salad a Day posts to do throughout July!

I interviewed for a transferring promotion (between divisions) for more pay (hilariously, while I ADORE my job, the PRE-TAX pay is 22k/ year, just above welfare level).

I was able to swing that without a car payment. I now have a TINY car payment and it’s over budget. So! Change.

Another position that I have wanted but never had an opening (hilariously with this timing) opens next month. My work bestie is leaving to live over 1,000 miles away!

It would be weird to take her spot but I would, if I could! It would be WEIRD to work in this other position under my current boss because I now have more pull / independence (though lower pay).

He’s extremely demanding, so that would be odd BUT he is also wanting to laterally transfer to a different location, which would take him 100% out of the picture.

As it is, I’ll take the division transfer, if offered, due to pay. It’s in another building but the same physical address. It’s a pretty fucking demanding position. If hired, I’ll need to grab a few more uni classes (my degree is ‘fine’ but for this specialized need) and within 18 months take on an additional certification–more classes!

It’s all legality.

The other thing is it’s 11 hour days!!! Four days a week. With lupus, I’m not 100% on how I can swing longer workdays. Of course 3 days off is another thing but lupus isn’t looking at it that way!

Who knows but back channels assure me that I’ll be offered the division transfer. 

All kind of crazy because it’s very unknown to me and what is known is my actual goal but that’s less certain (having not interviewed, who knows?!?).


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