Middle-aged and mental; I swear…a lot. This ain’t a family show.

What’s up with the handle? Mad (mental, barmy, insane) Tante (aunt, in several languages, including Irish and Yiddish. I’m 1/2 Irish and 1/2 Russian-Jewess — which says everything, really)

I like postcards. Peruse by searching ‘postcards.’ 

I adopt rescued dogs (1 at a time).

I work in LE as my 3rd career. 

I believe in Everything. It saves bother.

I like gifts. Show your appreciation by buying something at the Amazon Wish Listlinked in the sidebar of my blog but you don’t…I’ll still be here.


Reed House Rules ™ –seriously, these are rules I grew up with on El Rancho Reedo

  1. no drinking before 10 am
  2. unless it’s a holiday, in which case bar’s open at 9:30 am
  3. unless you’re still up from the night before, in which case clocks mean nothing
  4. 3rd puke and you’re cut off; you’re wasting too much booze
  5. breaking stuff or fighting is not tolerated; you will be fed and put to bed; after you’ve rested, rejoin the party
  6. all drinkers must be 11 years or older
  7. unless accompanied by a parent
  8. all firearms are to be pointed away from the house

12 thoughts on “M’adjectives

  1. I got the notification on your “Debbie Downer” post and I thought it was brilliant. I came here to comment but now I can’t find it. In case you changed your mind, I just wanted you to know that what you wrote was appreciated.


    • Yeah, I trashed it. I’m mad–it’s in the name!

      I appreciate your comment anyhoozles. I didn’t delete it for fear of “retaliation.” I think most people I speak to/ read me on the internet are fairly liberal. People around me not so much! I figured I should shut my face and let people have their day.


    • Thank you. I’m 2nd generation American. My grandmother came from Donegal as a baby in the 1880s. They settled in what was known as the Irish Wilderness, although it no longer exists as it was. I live on a retired family farm.


  2. I LOVE the house rules. I think I’ll use the same for my (not yet conceived) children. They may not like ’em, but they are sure to teach those children valuable lessons.


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