not one to bury his head in the sand

Not without excessive encouragement, anyway.


less than 6 weeks of shopping left for the Princess of all Princesses…

And that makes 14 weeks for Baby Bejeebers.’

But MORE IMPORTANTLY my birthday is coming up and it’s way more celebrated. Well, I get more drunk on my bday than on Baby Bejeebers’ but in fairness, I get fairly drunk more regularly during the Christunnukah season. For those playing the home-game, Chanukah is ‘early’ this year but not so early as to be Thanksgivukkah.

Oh, shit! I forgot to blog: It’s Ace’s Birthday today (observed).

Happy Bone-day!


Ace met the nieces

No photos, sorry.

The winner would’ve been when I turned around and saw Stinky Teen -one year older (16), than I was when I’d already MOVED OUT who is a bit more than a pain to people around her –so I’m told; she’s perfectly fine with me or I’ll slap a bitch —not that I condone violence but I’m just saying, with Ta, don’t chance it…I think she has been warned  petting his Primo-sciousness even as he interrupted her reading of nonfic!!!

The baby kept trying to Talk Sense to him, which didn’t work so well, so I showed her how to break a treat into 4s and oh, he listened then! It made for happy bedfellows. Speaking of which, the youngest’s nickname rhymes with Ace’s nickname and caused me a huge guffaw as I said hers and he Snapped-To! Baby was surprised that I found that astonishing–that the rhyming name threw him off. Well, what can I say? After Bobby Dog Reed, who was less-than-smart, this dog is a Genius…most of the time. Hell, smarter than I am and I don’t lick my own balls. Hang on–

Middle-teen? I saw no interactions. She opted out of luncheon, made herself a PB sandwich and read in a back room. Fine by me. We all need our space.

Das ist ein sumpfschildkroete-hund!

Why yes, I googled terrapin in German.

Ace got 5 Terrapins in the last 3 days and that’s only because he’s constrained from the Big Woods about 20 hours / day.

In case my Deutsch is off, that’s what you get when you learn by hearing neighbours talk from baby to teen, then living on the Continent with a German roomie: ‘not good German.’

We keep relocating them off El Rancho Reedo but it’s getting old. I don’t want him to get to break the shell and eat one because I think that’ll mean he never leaves them alone. I keep saying ‘mine’ and taking them from him. ::sigh::

In good news, Ace likes to play in the rain and is not askert of thunder. In case I failed to mention, he also rides beautifully in the car! He lays down when I crank the engine and stays down the whole time. Very unlike my special-needs boy!