‘Ace, that’s not a toy’

Trying to find Ace’s chipmunk toy, I asked him, ‘Where’s Toy?’

He ran over and stood next to a lump.

I’m not 100% but I think that’s an European Starling in Winter plumage but it could be a Common Grackle. Some birds I know well and others, not so.

Still don’t know where the chipmunk is.

Anybody have a clue on this carcass?


Breast man

If I’m sitting on a stoop (in a V-neck blouse, cami or summer nightdress), Ace ambles up and shoves his schnoozle in and ‘kisses.’ The first time he did it, The Duchess saw. I was surprised and she said, ‘Just like a man.’

He doesn’t do it all the time but summer offers more opportunities and it has happened about once every 3 weeks. I don’t know if he thinks there’s a chance for a snack or if it’s just a soft part to cuddle.

I can’t catch him at it cos it’s only now and then, especially given how often he gets non-breast cuddles.

He did it this AM and I had my phone but he stopped and dropped back to his bed, like he hadn’t done anything.

The breast and beast in question:

Looks fast asleep, d’n’t he? It’s 1.5 seconds after.