‘Don’t you fucking bite me’

Verbiage from YouTube description:

My evening so far. Sitting on the patio, allegedly knocking back a pint of cidre. Dog woofs. Walk over in yard to find him with a snake. As I try to get it from him, I choke on a laugh as a spring peeper (frog) leaps out from between we 3 (dog, snake, self). Get snake and that’s the thanks I get!


Acey’s temperament and voice

Being a GERMAN shepherd, he has a German accent. As for temperament and ‘voice’ (like how a character is written, not his actual vox), he is echoed here:

Peter Sellers’ role as Dr. Strangelove–particularly note how he fights against the ‘former’ Nazi part of himself (anthropomorphised by a Nazi Arm).

This is Acey.

-if you’ve never seen Dr. Strangelove, get over yourself and watch it. You don’t need to be of an age to enjoy the ridiculousness and if you are, it’s all the better for its parodiacal (fair-certain that’s not English) humour! 

99% approval means even if you hate it, it’s a classic

Vegetarian canine chronicles continue, turnips

Acey loves all veg and fruit proferred and he’ll also go pick his own! He’s not wasteful or playful with it. He gets one at a time and eats it.

The only thing he has not cared for is salad greens but obviously if something’s on them or like I cook spinach with EVOO and lemonjiuce, he’s all over it.

This is an example of us eating raw turnips together. As stated (in silly voice), I learnt that I needn’t pick turnips for him and for me. He likes the root end and skins!